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At Wed, 3 Jun 2009 17:32:09 +0300, Jukka Marin 
<> wrote:
Subject: Re: NFS
> Sure, if the network dies, you will no longer be able to access the remote
> disks, but you should still be able to kill off the processes trying to
> do so.  You should still be able to unmount the remote disk (you may lose
> some unwritten data, sure).  And you should still be able to shutdown and
> reboot the client system.

Indeed.  And with mounts using "-i" you should be able to interrupt any
process no matter what operation it is doing, including "df" and related.

On that note though, is there any chance that '-C' could actually be
causing some problems for you?  The suggestion in the manual page is
that an errant ICMP Port Unreachable packet could cause a mount to hang
when this option is used.

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