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burner for Netserver: USB enclosure or slimline built-in?

Hello all,

I'm in the pre-install phase, transitioning my HP NetServer LPr (2U,
dual-P-II-450, 1G ram, NetRaid, dual 36 GB scsi hot-swap) from Debian to

This is my only current box.  I need to be able to burn CDs (e.g. the
install CD).  I have two options:

1.      Find a burner to replace the slim-line CD drive in the NetServer.

2.      Get a USB/IDE enclosure to hold the 1/2-height ATAPI CD/DVD
        burner I have in my spare-parts bin.

If I go with (1), presumably it will work with NetBSD, but then it will
only work with this computer (unless later on another sever takes the
same kind of slim-line drive).  If I go with (2), then it will work with
any box into which I plunk my USB-PCI card (as I have to put USB on the

Since I don't have NetBSD installed, I can't test it prior to the
transition.  Is there any concern that a USB enclosure will not work
with NetBSD?  Is there anything to watch out for?  I've never used an
enclosure before.  

Price-wise, they are about the same (new enclosure, used slim-line




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