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Re: Now I'm a Macppc-netbsd users

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On Apr 14, 2009, at 7:45 AM, Neal Hogan wrote:

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 4:58 PM, Pietro Capriata
<> wrote:

Today I'have removed my deblin installation and put netbsd 4.0.1 on my
(old?) imac g4 1ghz....


butI have some problem with X that freeze my system... why? (I must reboot
manually the system)

hmm . . .

I think more info is required. I'm no expert, but I suspect that
you'll get more responses if you post more info. How are you trying to
start X? At what point does computer freeze? What is in you Xorg.log?
How much change do you have in your pocket?

Indeed. IIRC most iMac G4 have some sort of radeon on the mainboard. Also, 4.x uses XFree86 which should support most radeons from that time, it may have trouble with the built-in TFT though, depends where Apple put the EDID data. I've seen machines with built-in displays where the EDID block was only available as an OpenFirmware device property and the monitor itself didn't respond to DDC2 at all so X had no way to identify the monitor - impossible to tell if that's what happened. So, yeah, we need to look at your XFree86.0.log to figure out what the Xserver thinks is going on. Also, dmesg output would be helpful to see what the kernel thinks about this machine.

Finally - there's a good chance that the machine didn't actually lock up. Many X drivers are notoriously bad at cleaning up after themselves so if for instance X set up a video mode your monitor can't display ( pretty likely as far as I can tell ) the result might look like a deadlock. Or, if your X session dies and X fails to restore the previous video mode ( if you have a radeon that's probably what happened ) you may also end up with a black screen. So, does the iMac still answer pings?

have fun

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