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Re: Now I'm a Macppc-netbsd users

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 4:58 PM, Pietro Capriata
<> wrote:
> Hello.. I'm happyu


> Today I'have removed my deblin installation and put netbsd 4.0.1 on my
> (old?) imac g4 1ghz....


> Now i'm downloading Netbsd current and pkgsrc. Now ttys* works, boot
> works...


> butI have some problem  with X that  freeze my system... why? (I must reboot
> manually the system)

hmm . . .

I think more info is required. I'm no expert, but I suspect that
you'll get more responses if you post more info. How are you trying to
start X? At what point does computer freeze? What is in you Xorg.log?
How much change do you have in your pocket?

> Thx a lot...
> Pietro


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