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Re: Help for a clueless audio-idiot!

On Wed, 8 Apr 2009, Quentin Garnier wrote:

I know that Paul kind of asked for it, but he's not that much of a
moron.  Well, anyway.  Anybody who tried using audioplay(1) with a MP3
file knows that *something* happens.  Even more unpleasant than the way
the 128kbps MP3 itself sounds.

When it comes to "how audio things work" I really am clueless.  :)

Paul, have you tried adding a bit of configuration in azalia_codec.c for
your codec?  Using the generic routines, you should at least get a few
names making sense for some of the controls in mixerctl(1) output.

Well, looking thru the results of "mixerctl -av" I see lots of inputs, outputs, dac's, mix's, sel's, and color(ed) things, but nothing that mentions a particular device and nothing that looks like it might be a codec name. I have no idea what I would do for "my codec" since I have no idea what my codec is!

Oh, wait, I found some codec info in the dmesg:

        azalia0: information of codec[0] follows:
        azalia_codec_init_vtbl: vid=11d4198b subid=81f61043
        azalia0: codec[0]: Analog Devices AD1988B (rev. 2.0), HDA rev. 1.0
        azalia_codec_init: nidstart=1 #functions=1
        azalia_codec_init: FTYPE result = 0x00000001
        azalia_codec_init: There are 60 widgets in the audio function.

Looks like it is already defined/known?

Well, I'm going to install xmms later and see if I can get it to something useful.

(It's not like this is critical - I _do_ actually have a Windoze laptop [from work] sitting next to me, so I have an alternate music source. I would just prefer to remove one more dependency on the Windoze machine.)

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