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Re: mentor for user friendly and intelligent shell project

Dear Mahaveer,

Am Freitag 03 April 2009 schrieb mahaveer jain:
> I  have idea about making intelligent and user friendly shell.I will be
> very thankful if your organisation  can mentor  my project during GSOC.

did you ever takes a look on the "fish" project?

>   1.  Suppose someone want to connect to internet using dial up .
> He/She has to first configure wvdial.conf where he/she has to write
> modem type, user name ,password  and then execute wvdial command to
> start connection .For an inexperienced user, it will be good if system
> can support him/her for performing these tasks by either guiding or

From my view this is no good idea because this it is not the job of a shell to 
do system and / or network configurations. 

There are some quite good open source operating system distributions out with 
a set of very user friendly config tools (graphical or ncurses) for such 
system setup tasks to make configurations easy as possible for the end user. 

To reach your idea you have to build your own set of system configuration 
utilities bundled with your shell - but, 

secondly there is no standardized configuration interface under the different 
OS - most of them have their own central configuration utilities (or a set 
of) - some of them are easier to use - some of them less and a lot of things 
have different configuration files on different distributions..

Thirdly there are often "different ways to rome" - means, there are different 
solutions or applications which are doing (nearly) the same for a beginners 
view. I.e. a "dialup" connection could be modem, ISDN, mobile - "graphic GUI" 
could be done by different window managers and servers etc.

anyhow - good luck...
best regards,




  Niels Dettenbach
  Syndicat IT&Internet
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