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PR 41074 (netbsd-5 ipnat and NFS)


I recently submitted a pr: kern/41074 regarding a problem I'm having with netbsd-5 and ipnat and NFS.

What it boils down to is this: An ipf/ipnat ruleset that worked with netbsd-4 causes NFS services to fail on netbsd-5.

Even with a "wide-open" ruleset (pass in all, pass out all keep state) as soon as the nat rule is initialized, NFS connections fail.

While this is catastrophic for me (net-booted) it may also cause less serious problems for others.

Can someone have a look at this? At least to reproduce the problem so I don't think I'm crazy?

Maybe it's an "improvement" in ipfilter to which I must figure out how to adapt. At least I need to discover that this is or isn't the case.


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