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Re: Why is Desktop NetBSD a threat to NetBSD?

Hauke Fath wrote:
At 10:03 Uhr -0500 14.2.2009, Jared D. McNeill wrote:
Hauke Fath wrote:
At 12:24 Uhr +0100 14.2.2009, Adam Hoka wrote:
Gnome with HAL, pulseaudio and friends are already available from pkgsrc,
take it or leave it.
My understanding is that pkgsrc HAL lacks a NetBSD backend for hot-plug
support - exactly the part that would interfere with existing structures in
NetBSD base.
Your understanding is totally incorrect.

"totally", is it, Jared? I stand corrected.

You might have started, though, by telling me to when full-scale NetBSD HAL
support hit pkgsrc (alternatively, a pointer).

Some time last year, when sysutils/hal was imported.

So, I can install meta/gnome*, plug in a USB stick, and have it appear on
the desktop? What about KDE? And what interactions with /etc citizens do I
have to expect?

Supposed to work out of the box, there might be some bugs (/media directory not created automatically for example). Works for me on GNOME, I'm told Xfce4 works, haven't tried KDE4 as it uses its own implementation of libhal, and I can't be arsed to spend any time on KDE3.

Not sure what you mean by /etc interactions.

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