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Re: UPS Advice

On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 11:25:24AM -0500, Michael wrote:
> They're nice but the lower end ones don't have serial ports, only USB.  
> Last time I checked ups-nut wasn't too good at supporting those but  
> that might have changed. Also, you'll need some config magic to have  
> ugen attach to it and not uhid. I had a Belkin one for years, got it  
> because it had a serial port and ups-nut supported it just fine, even  
> when running on AIX ;)
> ( yeah, AIX was he reason why USB was a no-no )

I have one of the smartUPS boxes, and while it has both serial and USB,
I'm running it via USB for lack of the right cable for the serial port.
I think I tried NUT but had trouble with the USB attachment and ended up
using apcupsd.  Works fine, though.


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