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Re: 3Com Megahertz 3CCFEM556 B

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Neal Hogan  <> wrote:
>  I have a 3Com Megahertz 10/100 LAN+56K Modem PC card (model# 3CCFEM556 B)
>on Toshiba Satellite (205CDS) running nBSD 4.0.1. After checking the
>supported hardware page, I still ended up getting a card that wasn't on the
>list (stupid). Anyway, now that I have it, how do I get it to work? From the
>research I've done there was chatter about getting it to work, but involved
>patches for earlier versions of nBSD.  So, before I attempt those
>suggestions, I was wonder what might be said about that card and 4.0.1.
>The card is recognized at boot (ep0), but the machine fails to complete boot
>when the card is in the bus. It hangs after the line that says
>pcmcia0: card irq 9
>When I stick it in after the machine is up, it's recognized, but says that
>the Interface is disabled and it couldn't configure controller. Also, the
>machine continues to run (i.e., it doesn't hang/panic).
>If you really need a dmesg, I'll try harder to get one.

I too have problems with my pcmcia 3com dual function card. I think that
the problem is that the card does not get powered up properly anymore (it
used to), but something changed in the pcmcia code. So I too get stuck.
My model is a bit different though.


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