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Re: tool to run scripts in parallel ?

> Hi,
> For some sysadmin task, I need to start from a main script several
> sub-scripts take some time (copying files around over ssh, running
> remote commands, ...), and which are mostly independants. What I'd
> need is a tool

Maybe you find this interesting.

Latest news about wip/paexec:

  version 0.12.1

  ADDED: -z option. If applied, read/write(2) operations from/to nodes
  becomes not critical. In case paexec has lost connection to the
  node, it will reassign failed task to another node and, if -s option
  applied, will output string "fatal" to stdout.  This makes paexec
  resistant to the I/O errors, as a result you can create paexec
  clusters even over network consisting of unreliable hosts
  (Internet?). Failed hosts are marked as such and will not be used
  during the current run of paexec. NOTE: "success", "failure" and
  "fatal" strings should be used to process the output of 'paexec -s'.

Based on this feature, I've improved wip/distbb, tool for bulk builds

  version 0.25.0

  Now bulk builds don't stop in case of connection failure to the
  build host (power down, segfault, hang up for any reason etc.). Such
  a host is marked as unavailable and distbb continuous to work
  reassigning a failed package (if any) to another build host.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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