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net-snmp under 4.99 and 5.0beta

Good day folks,

I've been quietly battling with net-snmp packages under NetBSD 4.99 and
5.0beta (both on amd64) for quite some time now, with extremely limited

While I had originally thought the issue to be in the bitiness
conversion, it turns out my tests on i386 return similar results.

I don't have a full list of the values it's failing on at hand right
now, but my personal favorite is:

$ snmpget -v1 -c community myhost.domain.lan IP-MIB::ipForwarding.0
IP-MIB::ipForwarding.0 = Wrong Type (should be INTEGER): Counter32:

Something tells me the values aren't getting returned from the OS in the
correct fashion, which has lead me to believe that the following posts
might be relevant:

As much as I'd like to be posting a patch resolving the issue, I'm
afraid my attempts to understand the net-snmp source (and it's
associated NetBSD goodness) have indicated that I've wandered beyond my
current "pay-grade".  I'm hoping someone more enlightened might be
willing to lend a suggestion or two.

Sincerest thanks and happy holidays,


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