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tuning squid (maybe off topic)


This may be a little bit off topic for this list, but I figure someone on here would know. I installed squid on my servers (running NetBSD 4). Right now, I am using it as a web accelerator. It seems to work pretty well, although a little bit overloaded. I found some performance tuning how to on the web that made a difference, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Also, I was wondering if squid was built without arp-acl aufs carp coss diskd icmp ipf-transparent pam-helper pf-transparent snmp ssl unlinkd, if that could help and if someone could give me some insight on what they do?

Also, I noticed that squid seems to be compiled to use 8192 file descriptors. This doesn't make sense to me, because that is all the file descriptors that are set on the server. Is there a way to change this value?

Best Regards,

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