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Re: HP Compaq DL385 with Smart Array 6/i

On Oct 4, 2008, at 12:16 AM, Fredrik Pettai wrote:
On Oct 3, 2008, at 2:29 PM, Fredrik Pettai wrote:

Hmm... I have bad news, it didn't solve the problem.
I grabbed the iso for amd64 HEAD 200809300002Z and tested the boot option [2] NetBSD (no ACPI) . The installation of comp.tgz + xcomp.tgz still gets the - stalled - message then the reach about 79% on the progress bar during the installation process.

We have just decommissioned a DL380, so I will try out NetBSD on that one to see if NetBSD runs smoother.
(So we'll find out if it's only those DL 385 that have I/O problems).

That didn't went too well. The HP Compaq DL 380 also suffers form the same symptoms
I've filed a bug report on this one "kern/39686"

An update on this pr:

The ciss drivers writes to disk are configured to be able to do up to 1024 writes in parallel,
but only 1 write at the time is performed.
Ragge has been doing some debugging on this pr, and he think he has found the problem. So once he has a fix ready for the ciss driver, he will merge this into CVS.


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