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Re: problem using dladdr API in NetBSD

In the headers.c file
the case

case DT_HASH:
is not getting executed ,since  _DYNAMIC structure does not contain
the tag DT_HASH so the chain is not initialized in headers.c.

I am not able to understand why the DT_HASH tag is not present.

Do you have any idea? what could be the problem.

Also could you tell me if
the size of string table is equal to chains??

obj->strsz == obj->nchains??

Thanks ,

2008/10/13 Christos Zoulas <>:
> On Oct 13, 10:57am, (Channa) wrote:
> -- Subject: Re: problem using dladdr API in NetBSD
> | Hi,
> | Sorry it was my mistake the code given below is from the file
> | rtld.c
> | It is in the implementation of dladdr() API.Line no:792 i am referring
> | the NetBSD 3.1 release
> | code.
> |
> | Hope my query is making some sense to you.
> Isn't nchains initialized in headers.c?
> christos

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