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Recommendations for cardbus-wlan-adapters?

Hello all,

over the last few days, I have tried to get a cardbus-wlan-adapter up and
running on my noteboot (Pentium-III 500 \w 256MB RAM, NetBSD 4.0). It
turned out to be a futile attempt. The Adapter, a Belkin F5D7010, which I
erroneously thought was supported by the ral(4)-driver (it actually claims
to support a Belkin F5D7010 v2), could not be tricked to work, not even
with a -current-Kernel and a bit of driver-patching.

I really need a cardbus-wlan-adapter on that notebook, and I do not like
to fall back to linux, just because I cannot get such an adapter to work
under NetBSD.

So my question now is: Does anyone on this list have a recommendation,
which adapter is best to buy, which meets the following demands:

- pcmcia/cardbus
- 802.11a,b,g
- WPA2 / AES

and that is (still) available for buying :)




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