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Re: xen considerations

Manuel Bouyer wrote:
On Wed, Oct 08, 2008 at 08:58:55AM +1100, Giles Lean wrote:
Michael Kell Jensen <> wrote:

My goal is to have Netbsd as Dom0 and on another partition(or two)
i would install windows and linux, ...
Windows is not available for Xen.  (The way Xen works is that the
operating system kernel is modified; Microsoft did do a research port
of one version of Windows to Xen, but it wasn't made available.)

I think you'll find you need one of the full virtualisation products
that can run unmodified operating systems; the best known of these is
VMware, which in its "workstation" version can use Linux or Windows
as the host operating system.

Xen is also one of them :) And it works with a NetBSD dom0. All you need
is a CPU with virtualisation extentions.

I have CPU with virtualization extensions just looked inside the bios.
It an intel 2.16 dual core 2.

I wanted to just add the xen extension to my own modified laptop kernel.

Compared to xen it has VGA_POST + X86EMU for suspend resume to work, also it VM86, can remember why now.

It config'ed, but failed under make (make depend also succesful).

Luckily there is a holiday coming on, so i might have some sime to look into it next week, to see if there are some conflicting stuff in there or if i missed something else(to add).

Just including xen3 kernel part, (which includes xen2_dom0)
errored with multiple defined options.

Anyways does anyone know why there isn't a XEN3|2_DOM0 with PAE, not neceessary?.
trying to add options pae, just created an error.

As you can see i just tried some things out, i havent had the time yet to really look into to how everything works yet.

(but i do know how to boot an alternative kernel;))


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