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xen considerations

Hi im trying to get my laptop to also use the virtual hardware emulation.(T60p)
I looked into how to do that.
And the best fit i think was xen.
I looked up xen on NetBSD (which i looked at before)

My goal is to have Netbsd as Dom0 and on another partition(or two)
i would install windows and linux, and use them via xen and HVM (i think it is). so i could use these operating systems with almost full performance. as guests - DomU.

Im i on the right track for that.

Then i could see that xen was a port fro netbsd, which i dont understand why. shouldnt it "just" be some extensions to the system / kernel.

Also will i have increased security risks when runnning xen enabled on my laptop. Worse Host performance other trouble ?
Is there a better way to do this

Input would be nice.

regards Michael

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