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Re: xen considerations

On Wed, 08 Oct 2008 08:58:55 +1100, "Giles Lean" 
> Michael Kell Jensen <> wrote:
> > My goal is to have Netbsd as Dom0 and on another partition(or two)
> > i would install windows and linux, ...
> Windows is not available for Xen.  (The way Xen works is that the
> operating system kernel is modified; Microsoft did do a research port
> of one version of Windows to Xen, but it wasn't made available.)
> I think you'll find you need one of the full virtualisation products
> that can run unmodified operating systems; the best known of these is
> VMware, which in its "workstation" version can use Linux or Windows
> as the host operating system.

... Xen does support OSen that don't understand the VM model - try Xen
HVM which provides a middleware layer to emulate the bits that aren't
covered by Xen natively ... 

This does require some extra support from your CPU however, so it still
may not be the solution for you.

Unfortunately this was the case with my host, so I was able to compile
it but not run it - I have no idea how effective it is, sorry ... 

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