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Re: HP Compaq DL385 with Smart Array 6/i wrote:
> Hi,
> We've tried installing NetBSD 4.0 on 2 HP Compaq DL385 with single and  
> dual CPU configuration and the Smart Array 6/i controller. The obvious  
> problem that occur is that the I/O towards the controller/disk is  
> worthless.
> Even the installer writes -stalled- while installing/copying the  
> NetBSD base to the disk.
> We've tried both NetBSD 4.0 i386 and amd64, and we've even tried  
> NetBSD current amd64 (during the summer), but it's the same symptom on  
> all versions.
> Has anybody else seen this problem before? are there any fixes or  
> workarounds available?
> Regards,
> Fredrik

Hi Fredrik,

The power management on many of the Compaq DL series is terrible - to get
NetBSD to boot you'll need to disable kernel support for ACPI. The installer in
-current allows you to select a non-ACPI kernel from a menu, but for NetBSD 4.0
I can't remember the magic incantation that boots with ACPI disabled.



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