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Re: pkg_add & gnome

u56237z <> schrieb:
> Im trying to install gnome on netbsd 4.0 via pkg_add..
> I can manage to add packages, but I simply have no idea which one of the
> 38374 gnome-xxx stuff I have to install.. I got some.. gnome-platform,
> gnome-build etc, but I keep on missing stuff.. each package checks for
> dependencies and installs them accordingly but I still have very few
> packages comparing to the list in the /gnome package directory..
> which one is  the 'main' package to install? the one that gets every other
> package? I keep on missing gnome-session.. where is it?

You won't be able to get anywhere near a complete GNOME environment
using the binary packages from the official repository. You can
build it yourself using pkgsrc, but currently you'll have to go
the modular X.Org way because there will be build errors otherwise,
which is why there is no binary package for GNOME.

In order to, install pkgsrc, set X11_TYPE=modular in /etc/mk.conf
and build meta-pkgs/modular-xorg-* and meta-pkgs/gnome. You might
want to remove /usr/X11R6 or adjust paths where appropriate to make 
sure you're running the "right" version of X. Also, you might be
unable to run some/most of the binary packages depending on X from 
the official repository anymore; that is, you'll have to build
them yourself, too.

If any of the above steps is unclear to you, you should find help
in the documentation on the NetBSD/pkgsrc websites, respectively.


Dennis den Brok

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