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Re: Panic on NetBSD 4 STABLE, possibly wm related

Simon Burge <> wrote:

> Can you try the change in rev 1.159 of sys/dev/pci/if_wm.c on your
> netbsd-4 system?  The diff between 1.158 and 1.159 applies cleanly
> (with a bit of fuzz) to the netbsd-4 if_wm.c

Hi Simon,

Thanks and a thumbs up from me: I can't say my testing has
been exhaustive, but I can copy files successfully now where
before I would see panics or hangs.

Today's test environment:

    OS X 10.5.x NFS client
    NetBSD-4.0_STABLE/i386 server (Pentium III, single processor)
    crossover network cable
    MTU 9000 (probably not optimal, but what I'd used before)

To test I used rsync to copy a couple of DVD images from a
local file system on the OS X client to a directory NFS
mounted from the NetBSD system.  (The aim here was to
eliminate iSCSI, which I was using when I first saw problems.)

Today before applying the change I saw a uvm_fault() "fatal
page fault in supervisor mode" panic and in a second run a
kernel hang.  (I have a crash dump from the panic, but have
only saved it and not examined it, btw.)

After applying the diff I can copy the DVD images successfully
(tested twice); in the earlier failed tests not even the first
file (~4GB) would be completely copied.

I'll leave the fix in place for the moment but it may not get
a lot more testing here: for one OS X seems to switch down to
a MTU of 1500 bytes whenever it feels like it, and I want to
move the NetBSD server to -current to pick up some of the
recent iscsi-target changes and perhaps the journaling changes
someone added recently. :-)

Thanks again,


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