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Manually creating slices

Hey everyone. Just one more question for the list. Now that I've resolved to figure out how to manually create a slice on a second partition, I find that I'm having trouble figuring out both the proper device names and the software used to create slices (forgive me; I'm very new to NetBSD :-P)

I was reading the article here (, but it didn't help me out in my particular scenario.

Here's my setup: during the NetBSD install, I was first asked to create partitions. I created one just under 1TB and a second that was 400GB. Then, I was asked to create slices in the first partition for NetBSD. Looking at /etc/fstab, I see that the slices for the first partition are labeled ld0a and ld0b. Does that mean that the second partition should be something like ld1? There were devices for ld1a and ld1b, and more for ld2, ld3, etc., but I'm unsure of how to locate the second partition that I created during the install.

If someone could point me in the right direction as far as creating slices in that second partition, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!

eRacks Open Source Systems

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