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Re: NetBSD 4.0, amd64 SMP, weird corruption issues

In article <g50koo$fp0$>,
Mark Cullen  <> wrote:
>Hi there,
>I'm in the process of updating my small home server with a nice new 
>machine. I've downloaded the amd64 version of NetBSD 4.0 to install.
>Here's the more important machine specs:
>Intel 2180
>Gigabyte G31M-S2l with latest BIOS
>2 x 1024MB Corsair PC6400 5-5-5-12
>Seasonic 330W PSU
>It's installed fine, and everything seems to be working lovely. Even the 
>onboard Realtek NIC. I've set up one of the RAID-1's with RAIDframe and 
>that's looking good. I had just got the latest pkgsrc and was trying to 
>install some bits and bobs, and that's where it appears to have gone 
>Here's what happens if I try and update my pkgsrc tree. The following 
>screenshot had just started to update files, and was listing changes and 
>If I right click the PuTTY title bar and 'reset terminal', it springs 
>back to life again and everything is readable as normal! However, some 
>Makefiles and such in pkgsrc are garbled binary too. It seems like some 
>kind of network corruption issue to me? I've tried switching to a good 
>old fashioned reliable Intel PCI NIC, and have the same results. In 
>fact, that screen shot was captured when using the Intel NIC.
>Any thoughts? Have there been any known issues with network corruption 

Looks like something is typing CTRL-O [enter ALT-GR1]. You can undo
this by echo CTRL-N to your terminal. Can you capture the output of cvs
update to the file?


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