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Re: mounting media as a normal user

>> The other option is to use amd.
> I don't see the amd.conf in my etc file. 

I'm using wip/am-utils and my own patched version of msdosfs.
File systems are accessed via /media/{a,c} etc.

Config files are below.


  [ global ]
  unmount_on_exit   = yes

  dismount_interval = 4
  cache_duration     = 4

  localhost_address =

  log_file    = syslog
  log_options = all

  [ /media ]
  map_name =            /usr/pkg/etc/amd/media

  /defaults    type:=program;fs:=${autodir}/auto/${key};\
             unmount:="/root/bin/umount_notif umount ${fs}";addopts:=utimeout=3

  a   mount:="/sbin/mount mount -t msdosfs /dev/fd0d ${fs}"

  c   mount:="/sbin/mount mount -t ntfs -o-m=555 /dev/wd0e ${fs}";opts:=ro
  d   mount:="/sbin/mount mount -t ntfs -o-m=555 /dev/wd1f ${fs}";opts:=ro
  f   mount:="/sbin/mount mount -t ntfs -o-m=555 /dev/wd0g ${fs}";opts:=ro

  cd  mount:="/sbin/mount mount -t cd9660 /dev/cd0a ${fs}";opts:=ro,noexec

  zip          mount:="/root/bin/mount_notif mount -t msdos \
                -o-m=644,-M=755,-u=10040,-g=10001,-Dcp866,-Lcp1251 \
                /dev/sd0d ${fs}"
  sd0a_fat     mount:="/root/bin//mount_notif mount -t msdos \
                -o-l,-m=644,-M=755,-u=10040,-g=10001,-Dcp866,-Lcp1251 \
                /dev/sd0a ${fs}"
  sd0d_fat     mount:="/root/bin//mount_notif mount -t msdos \
                -o-l,-m=644,-M=755,-u=10040,-g=10001,-Dcp866,-Lcp1251 \
                /dev/sd0d ${fs}"
  sd0e_fat     mount:="/root/bin/mount_notif mount -t msdos \
                -o-l,-m=644,-M=755,-u=10040,-g=10001,-Dcp866,-Lcp1251 \
                /dev/sd0e ${fs}"

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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