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I just had a totally wonderful experience on the NetBSD channel on freenode

So I'm coming back to where I have already been helped.

I am trying to install vsftpd and isc-dhcp-server with pkg_add <package name>; 
they are retrieved and the installations begin.  They both hold at the point 
where this message happens:
The following files should be created for vsftpd-2.0.4nb1:

        /etc/rc.d/vsftpd (m=0755)


and then holds.  I wanted to know if anyone has any idea about what's going on.
/var/log/messages has:
Jun 28 19:12:37  groupadd[8272]: New group added: name=vsftpd, gid=1001
Jun 28 19:12:39  useradd[3862]: New user added: name=vsftpd, uid=1002, 
gid=1001, home=/nonexistent, shell=/sbin/nologin

the line in top shows that it's been like this for 16 minutes:
 4195 root       2    0   208K 1024K poll       0:16  0.00%  0.00% pkg_add

I'm getting ready to setup and boot server and ftp location for an install on a 
powerbook G3 which doesn't want to boot from CD; well the error is something 
like scsi/sd@3:0  cannot open or doesn't exist can remember at the present.  If 
it's important I can get the message.

Beware idolatry, be it of people or ideas.


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