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Re: startx > xauth - bad display name error

>        # startx
> I get this message...
>        xauth: (argv):1: bad display name "myComputer.myDomain.dom:0" in "list"
> command

Usually that error is because the name is not in DNS. It doesn't know 
"myComputer.myDomain.dom". Use a real name in real working DNS, or add to 
local /etc/hosts.

Is that bogus name assigned by DHCP?

> When setting up the package system...I have to type...
> (actually the way the documentation lists this doesn't make total sense to
> me...
> ... I mean, why the 'export' in both lines? is that right?'
>    export   PKG_PATH="";
>    export   PKG_PATH

export not needed twice. Where is that bogus documentation?

> (so would using "set" work as root?  - just an intuitive guess)

If using csh, use setenv.

> Anyway, is there a way to make typing this more permanant?  Can I just 
> type it into the rc.config file so that I don't have to type it every 
> time I want to use the package installer?

Put in environment at boot, like in .profile (export) or if using 
csh in .login (setenv).

> And the same with
>       stty erase '^h'

> actually it seems like I have to type this everytime I su to root. Is 
> there a way to make this more permanant... (I've seen some terminal 
> settings in the rc.conf...but nothing that popped out at me as possibly 
> fixing this)

Put in startup dot file, like .profile and/or .login.

> And while I'm there a way to make the command-line history (i.e.
> <uparrow>) work?
> ( all I get is '^[[A' characters)

I don't think NetBSD's csh supports that. If you like csh, then install 

Or use NetBSD's ksh or sh instead and use "set -o emacs"

p.s. If you need more details, please let me know.

p.p.s. If you can provide feedback on a NetBSD book in progress, looking 
at it may be useful to both of us.

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