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xorg: normal user 'startx' command causes black blank screen


Maybe someone has advise about this...


- If kdm is started by rc.conf (kdm=Yes)
- If root logs in and types startx (xinit > 'exec startdkde')

Not working:

- If a user logs in and types startx (xinit > "exec startdkde")

This produces black blank screen and ctrl+alt+backspace does not work. After ctrl+alt+backspace, if i type 'exit', then 'root (and password)' and then 'reboot', the system reboots.

This is i386 and amd64 NetBSD with Xorg. Result is same with nv and vesa drivers. No error message neither in kdm.log nor Xorg.0.log

Well, i searched through Google, tried many suggestions and no luck.


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