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NetBSD CVS Digest volume 2, issue 13

This issue:

Merge yamt-pf42 branch. (import newer pf from OpenBSD 4.2) ok'ed by peter@. requested by core@ [YAMAMOTO Takashi]

Don't try to standby on a lid_switch pressed event, this has a few problems: [Jared D. McNeill]
  1. ACPI S1 doesn't work properly for many people on NetBSD
2. It prevents someone from using their laptop with an external display

Make pmap_extract() lockless. Reviewed by chs@ who reports a ~1% reduction in system time during a kernel build on a quad core amd64 system. [Andrew Doran]

Fix for biowait hangs, and possibly other condvar hangs. Also should fix PR kern/38761. The condvar must access the sleepq with the sleepq lock held, doing so is causing inconsistent sleepq state to be read. This is because some accesses to the sleepq don't come via the cv code, but are call directly into sleepq_changepri and sleepq_lendpri, which take the sleepq lock, and removes then re-inserts lwps into the sleepq. Running a with -j8 now completes on my quad-core, also tested by Simon@ on a 8-core server and matt@ on a quad-core. [Chris Gilbert]


bind 9.5.0 [Christos Zoulas]


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