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Re: Compiling the (new) kernel with

Chris Gilbert wrote:

Have you tried adding the above to the command line parameters to, instead of in the environment: -m sparc64 -T /usr/build/tools -O /usr/build/obj.sparc64 -D
/usr/build/dest.sparc64 -R /usr/build/release

I didn't before, but I just did. Same result. :-(

  USETOOLS=no, but this component requires a version-specific
    host toolchain
have you checked your /etc/mk.conf file? doesn't have USETOOLS = no?

If it did, making the userland would work either. :-)
This is my first (real) NetBSD installation and I haven't done much to the system yet. /etc/mk.conf doesn't even exist yet, so I think, if USETOOLS=no isn't the default then it should not be set.


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