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Re: Compiling the (new) kernel with

Christian Baer wrote:

> Note the first line after starts:
>   cd: can't cd to tools
> The tooldir is there! It is under /usr/build/tools/ and TOOLDIR points
> to it:
>   export DESTDIR=/usr/build/dest.sparc64
>   export MACHINE=sparc64
>   export MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/usr/build/obj.sparc64
>   export MKUNPRIVED=yes
>   export PWD=/usr/src
>   export RELEASEDIR=/usr/build/release
>   export SHELL=/bin/sh
>   export TERM=xterm
>   export TOOLDIR=/usr/build/tools
>   export USER=christian

Have you tried adding the above to the command line parameters to, instead of in the environment: -m sparc64 -T /usr/build/tools -O /usr/build/obj.sparc64 -D
/usr/build/dest.sparc64 -R /usr/build/release

> The fact that can't cd to tools/ seems to be the problem, as
> the build then breaks because of this:
>   obj ===> gnu/lib/crtstuff4
>   USETOOLS=no, but this component requires a version-specific
>     host toolchain

have you checked your /etc/mk.conf file? doesn't have USETOOLS = no?


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