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NetBSD CVS Digest volume 2, issue 11

This issue:

kernel: Device attach and detach notifications are now exposed via / dev/drvctl [Jared D. McNeill ]

uberry(4): A driver to allow RIM BlackBerries to charge from the USB port [Christos Zoulas]

Stop and start bluetooth services across suspend. [Jared D. McNeill ]

Add bio(4) support, heavily from OpenBSD. The driver doesn't know which physical drives belong to which logical drive, so all the physical drives will show up for logical drive 0, and also appear for logical drives that are rebuilding so that the rebuild state will show the physical drive being rebuilt. [Michael L. Hitch]

Run shutdown hooks whether or not the kernel has panicked. Restores NetBSD's shutdown behavior of more than 6 years before rev 1.176. Ok joerg@. It is essential that we restore some hardware to initial conditions before rebooting, in order to avoid interfering with the BIOS bootstrap. For example, if NetBSD gives control back to the Soekris comBIOS while the kernel text is write-protected, the BIOS bootstrap hangs during the power-on self-test, "POST: 0123456789bcefghip". In principle, bus masters can also interfere with BIOS boot. [David Young]


libarchive 2.5.4b [Joerg Sonnenberger]
nawk 20070501 [Christos Zoulas]


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