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$fixsb and $btuartd "not set properly"

I am digging out from a botched upgrade of a cgd system, botched
mostly because I overwrote the existing /etc directory with the new
etc.tgz archive.  High fives all around!

Now at boot I see two messages, the first telling me, as noted, that
"$fixsb has not been set properly see rc.conf(5)" -- that's from
memory so the exact wording may not be right. The second conveys the
identical sentiment, only with regard to $btuartd.

The other really bothersome symptom is that the system does not
shutdown properly. It hangs at the final "Unmounting file systems"
messages.  Arggh.

Any clues would be mightily appreciated.

No no no, my fish's name is Eric, Eric the fish. He's an halibut. I am
not a looney! Why should I be tarred with the epithet looney merely
because I have a pet halibut?

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