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Re: Using swap though there's plenty of mem free

"Greg A. Woods; Planix, Inc." <> wrote:
> Second, you have to be very careful about where you put the blame
> for your system's performance.  It is just as likely that you have
> chosen the size of RAM and configuration of your secondary storage
> devices (including especially the swap device(s)) poorly.  Blaming
> the VM algorithms naively isn't going to get you anywhere.  You need
> to provide some very carefully considered and accurate measurements
> if you would hope to show that some other algorithm or implementation
> is providing better throughput or better responsiveness, etc.

Well, I already changed the hard drive AND changed from IDE to SCSI so
I also have another controller now. It is only a slightly bit faster
(since the new HD is a bit faster).

And adding more mem to that machine isn't an option, I already has 3
modules in there and can't take anymore.


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