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Using swap though there's plenty of mem free


I realized that NetBSD nearly always uses swap on my machine though
there's plenty of free memory. It often uses 200 MB file cache, but
swapps. I don't see any sense in that.
As this is a server, that leads to VERY undesired behaviour, for
example, lighttpd is moved to swap and takes a FEW SECONDS to answer
the next request.
Isn't there an option to tell NetBSD to stop that stupidity and free
the file cache when applications need it far more badly? I don't want
files cached that aren't used so often anyway. In this case, a 200 MB
file was cached that was only used once. That doesn't make any sense.
If there's no such option to change that, could that PLEASE be changed
in NetBSD 5? I'm already thinking about disabling swap at all since the
machine runs WAY faster then.


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