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Re: netbsd4 + postfix + saslauthd

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 05:18:30PM +0000, Herb Peyerl wrote:
> This is embarassing..
> My mailserver was NetBSD 3.1 and a pkgsrc postfix2.4something with
> cyrus-sasl2 (2.20 or something).  Everything was great.  smtp + TLS on
> port 25 and submission on port 587 + TLS + saslauthd -a getpwent
> and PLAIN mech.
> My OS X was happily able to connect, authenticate and relay
> mail on port 587. 
> Then I made the inadvertant mistake of upgrading to NetBSD 4.0.  This 
> somehow broke my pkgsrc postfix installation so I moved my postfix
> config to /etc/postfix/ and tried to get it working again. 
> The postfix+TLS part was a nobrainer but saslauthd continues to elude
> me.  I even switched to the pkgsrc-current version of saslauthd and
> am still getting no love. Note, this was a previously working
> postfix+sasl installation so all my settings should be correct.
> I can 'testsaslauthd' and correctly authenticate on the command
> line.
> Anyone have any ideas/experience?

Postfix in base doesn't do SASL, you still have to run the one from
pkgsrc for that.

My guess is that you forgot to keep /etc/rc.d/postfix and ran
postinstall fix rc at some point during the upgrade.

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