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Re: best way of logging on flash based systems

On 4/10/08, Jeremy C. Reed <> wrote:
> > I wrote this a little while ago:
>  >
>  > and it needs some updating (especially on the mail advice, etc) but it
>  > might give some hints about syslog and var.
> I don't see where syslogd creates the file like in your suggestion. Some
>  say creating a new file is a security issue. I can't reproduce or see in
>  code. I thought that creating the file ahead of time was documented but
>  don't see in manpage.
>  (That said, I also don't see the logging about that failure either unless
>  run with -d. Looks like a bug.)
>  One idea is to make a /etc/rc.conf.d/dhcpd file with:
>  touch /var/run/dhcpd.leases
>  (put your other dhcpd rc.conf settings in there too if you want.)
>  (or put the touch right in /etc/rc.conf.)
>  But still have a problem that /etc/rc.d/dhcpd startup script checks for
>  /var/db/dhcpd.leases -- so maybe make a symlink for that too.
>                                                /var/log/xferlog

# rm xferlog
# ls -l xfer*
ls: xfer*: No such file or directory
# /etc/rc.d/syslogd restart
Stopping syslogd.
Starting syslogd.
# ls -l xfer*
-rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel  0 Apr 13 22:10 xferlog

I think you need to have syslogd=YES in your rc.conf before any of the
other stuff for that trick to work.

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