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Memory warning from Emacs? BSD 4.0/Alpha


I'm new to NetBSD, so I apologize in advance if this is a FAQ - a search through the mailing list archives didn't seem to turn up anything enlightening.

I have a new installation of NetBSD 4.0 on a DEC Alpha, and by and large everything seems to be running as expected. However, whenever I start Emacs (in character-cell mode, 'emacs -nw') and from time to time during an editing session it gives me a warning: "Emergency (alloc): Warning: past 95% of memory limit".

According to "top" there seems to actually be plenty of memory available:

Memory: 83M Act, 6088K Wired, 22M Exec, 27M File, 370M Free
Swap: 138M Total, 138M Free

I get the error regardless of the size of the file I'm editing, and even when editing/creating a new file. Despite the warnings, the editing session itself seems to work correctly - I haven't had anything actually crash yet.

Does BSD allow per-user quotas on virtual memory perhaps, a la VMS? Where should I look to find what limit I'm bumping up against?


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