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Re: xen hosting providers recommendation.

On Sat, Apr 05, 2008 at 09:14:08AM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
> With r is indeed better, although slower than a real disk:
> 26928+0 records in
> 26928+0 records out
> 1764753408 bytes transferred in 107.378 secs (16434962 bytes/sec)

With bs=1m I get:

  10485760000 bytes transferred in 60.641 secs (172915354 bytes/sec)

This is domU with a dom0 RAID6 disk system (8 x 1 TB) behind an
Areca RAID controller.  (The measurement is probably not 100% correct
as there's a RAID rebuild running in the background.).

With bs=128k:

  13107200000 bytes transferred in 80.864 secs (162089434 bytes/sec)

And bs=64k:

  65536000000 bytes transferred in 432.247 secs (151617015 bytes/sec)

dom0 and RAID6 with bs=64k (different volume than in previous tests):

  8589934592 bytes transferred in 55.062 secs (156004769 bytes/sec)

dom0 and RAID6 with bs=1m:

  8589934592 bytes transferred in 37.532 secs (228869620 bytes/sec)

This is with NetBSD 4.0 dom0 / domU and raw disk partitions (well,
actually they are Areca volumes exported to domU's as whole).


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