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Re: make-dependency with multiple targets

On Wed, Apr 02, 2008 at 07:42:41PM +0200, Petar Bogdanovic wrote:
> I'm just doing my first steps with make(1). The following Makefile
> should create some postfix maps upon invocation:
>       MAPS = client sender
>       ${MAPS:S/$/.db/g}: ${MAPS}
>               postmap ${.ALLSRC}
> This does work pretty well but if nothing has to be done, make confuses
> me with an inconsistent message:
>       `client.db' is up to date.

This is equivalent to this:

        client.db sender.db: client sender
                postmap client sender

The default target is just the first named target -- in this case,

You probably want:

        MAPS=   client sender

        all: ${MAPS:S/$/.db/}

        .for map in MAPS
        ${map}.db: ${map}
                postmap ${map}

This is equivalent to:

        all: client.db sender.db

        client.db: client
                postmap client

        sender.db: sender
                postmap sender

Then just typing ``make'' will invoke the ``all'' target, which will
ensure that both the client.db and sender.db are current.


        -- Johnny C. Lam

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