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Re: openvpn bridge using NetBSD 4.0(i86) and XP?

Sorry forgot the tap configs:

I'm not sure whether my ifconfig.* are correct, but essentially
create a tap device create a bridge add the tap to the real internal interface

bash-2.05b# ifconfig tap1 create
bash-2.05b# ifconfig tap1 up
bash-2.05b# ifconfig bridge3 create
bash-2.05b# brconfig bridge3  add tap1 add rtk0 up

bash-2.05b# cat /etc/ifconfig.tap0
inet netmask
!brconfig $int add tap0 add rtk0 up

bash-2.05b# cat /etc/ifconfig.bridge0
!brconfig $int add tap0 add rtk0 up

Carl Brewer wrote:
thilo wrote:
I have a Win-PC (openvpn using tcp) -> netbsd firewall/openvpn tap-bridge connection working reliable.

Pinging in all directions etc works fine. The roaming pc is part of the local nw. Nbsd(4.0).

The only issue I encounter, is that the /etc/ifconfig.br0 and /etc/ifconfig.tap0 don't actually work. I have to manually create the bridge&tap and restart (i think) the openvpn server.

Of course the mac address is different and the dhcp server needs to know that.

If interested I can post the configurations I use.

yes please!


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