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openvpn bridge using NetBSD 4.0(i86) and XP?

I'm looking to hook up a VOIP phone from a client's home to their work, at home they have a PC running XP hooked up to a generic DSL router doing NAT, and their work system has NetBSD 4.0 (i386) as their network gateway (also NAT'ing) and the PBX is inside their network. The easiest way to do this that I can see is to use OpenVPN as an ethernet bridge, SIP's a terrible protocol to pass through firewalls etc, and I figure the simplest way (if not necessarily the most efficient) will be to bridge the network.

Before I go any further, has anyone here got anything similar actually working? I've read this :

And this :

But they weren't terribly conclusive as to final success or not? I need the setup to be "press a button" simple at the PC end to start and stop the link which is why I figured OpenVPN would be a good choice.

Any clues or pointers to more NetBSD-specific doco much appreciated, almost all the OpenVPN doco is loonucks-specific.



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