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Re: Change MAC address in 4.0?

  I just recently had Verizon FIOS internet installed (20/5, not bad!)
  and now I'm trying to get it to play nicely with my 4.0 home server.
  When Verizon installs FIOS they give you an enormous brick of a
  router, an Actiontec ML424WR.  Rather than be forced to use this I
  just want to continue to have my NetBSD box handle firewall and NAT
  duties.  FIOS (at least my install) is DHCP based so I'm able to pull
  an IP address from Verizon by plugging the Cat5e from the ONT into
  the WAN port on the Actiontec.  I'm unable to do this with my NetBSD

I got FiOS in late 2006, and my experience was that vz would only issue
one lease, and that since the actiontec router already had one I
couldn't get one from netsbd.  I plugged the actiontec back in and did a
dhcp release from the gui, and then I got an address from the netbsd box
without any trouble.  You could also wait overnight.  vz refusing to
answer discover is what I saw when I already had an address from them.

I have a bunch of goop in dhclient.conf, but all it does is:

  send host-name "foo";
  send dhcp-client-identifier "foo";

and then a bunch of supersede statements so I don't get a vz
hostname/domain name/dns servers, and then dynamic dns config.  (It's
not actually foo, but another short word that's my name for the box, and
nothing I ever set up with verizon.)

Of course the upstream dhcpd/router at vz you are talking to may be
different from mine - I'm in eastern Massachusetts.

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