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Re: pkg_rolling-replace -u: textproc/scrollkeeper failing

Well, it depends on what you want.  If you want to replace the current
emacs 21 with newer emacs 21, then yes, use OLDNAME.  But if you want to
update emacs to 22, which is now normal, then pkg_rolling-replace should
just replace it with the emacs 22 version.

This is the strange thing: pkg_rolling-replace tells me emacs-22.1nb2 is installed, and it currently ends with:

===> www/zopeedit
===> Cleaning for zopeedit-0.7nb1
make: don't know how to make replace. Stop

make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc
*** 'make replace' failed for package emacs.
*** Please read the errors listed above, fix the problem,
*** then re-run pkg_rolling-replace to continue.

But "pkg_info | grep emacs" says there's no emacs installed at all and as far as I'm concerned, that's ok. So it seems to me there's some kind of database-mishap on installed pkgs. Any clue?

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