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Re: pkg_rolling-replace -u: textproc/scrollkeeper failing

Huub <> writes:

>> In this case, scrollkeeper has been replaced by rarian.  Go to
>> textproc/rarian and do (as root) 'make replace package
>> OLDNAME=scrollkeeper' to replace scrollkeeper with rarian.  This change
>> is expresed in CHANGES but pkg_rolling-replace doesn't yet have code to
>> extract the change and do this step automatically.
> Thank you. Since this one I have solved quite a few similar
> replacements. Does "moved to" imply a similar problem to be solved by
> " make replace package OLDNAME=.." ? /editors/emacs has been moved to
> /editors/emacs21.

Well, it depends on what you want.  If you want to replace the current
emacs 21 with newer emacs 21, then yes, use OLDNAME.  But if you want to
update emacs to 22, which is now normal, then pkg_rolling-replace should
just replace it with the emacs 22 version.

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