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Re: Guide: Switching from Linux to NetBSD


> >>
> > Thank you for your error output. It is mostly due to category-changes from
> > 5.1 to current. I don't understand why he does not get the
> > pkg_*.1-manpages, they're all in that category.
> Just have a look at htdocs/share/xml/man-refs.ent - you cannot use 
> underscores.
ok, thank you. That was fixed, as were the other manpage links.

The last problem seems to be a greater story: How do I make paragraphs in a
sect2 visible? I just don't get it, maybe there's another person with some
docbook-knowledge out there who can help.
This is not only my issue, but e.g. bootcd.xml also has a paragraph 704-708l
that is not shown in the end:, but
index.xml got it: (195-204l).

If you could give me just a small hint... I'm just kind of clueless about

Regards, Julian

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