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Re: Guide: Switching from Linux to NetBSD


> > The content is meant to be redundant.
> This is another highway to "Unmaintainable Documentation Hell" ;-)
> "Don't Repeat Youreslf", "Duplicate Is Evil" or "Single Source Of Truth" 
> will help us to keep the documentation maintainable.
> > But that was my intention: Provide a central point where you
> > can read once [...]
> That's the purpose of the Guide. It doesn't deal with specific 
> differences so it's useful for any OS-convert.
imho, the guide reteaches much you already know by using Linux, and it's hard
to extract the information really important for a Linux-comer.
But you're right, the guide does not really fit onto the website. I have
written it in Markdown in the beginning but then I thought that the wiki is
still not usable for such things, so I spent hours converting it to
Docbook... ;)

> > So, it does not describe any technical details about how to really switch
> > (installing NetBSD or migrating services), that's out of the scope of the
> > article.
> Why not? That would be a concrete benefit!
I think that is not possible due to the variety of different Linux flavours
and tools. You could not even write something on how to convert init scripts,
as they're different from SysV to upstart to systemd.

> > I have fixed some issues, you can look up the updated article at
> >
> Looks much better now:
Thank you for your error output. It is mostly due to category-changes from
5.1 to current. I don't understand why he does not get the pkg_*.1-manpages,
they're all in that category.

There is still much missing which is not converted. Apparently the texts
directly in <sect2>'s are not converted to HTML. But e.g. in
htdocs/docs/internals/en/chap-file-system.xml the <sect2>'s contain text
which is converted to HTML.

As I said, unfortunately I don't have the space to convert the texts myself,
then I would handle that all on my own.

Regards, Julian

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