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Re: Guide: Switching from Linux to NetBSD

Hi Julian,

The content is meant to be redundant.

This is another highway to "Unmaintainable Documentation Hell" ;-)

"Don't Repeat Youreslf", "Duplicate Is Evil" or "Single Source Of Truth" will help us to keep the documentation maintainable.

But that was my intention: Provide a central point where you
can read once [...]

That's the purpose of the Guide. It doesn't deal with specific differences so it's useful for any OS-convert.

So, it does not describe any technical details about how to really switch
(installing NetBSD or migrating services), that's out of the scope of the

Why not? That would be a concrete benefit!

the reader of this article should be capable of switching or creating a plan
on how to switch after reading it.

Should be possible after studying the Guide - independent from reader's OS-background.

I have fixed some issues, you can look up the updated article at

Looks much better now:

Best regards, Mark

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