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Re: Guide: Switching from Linux to NetBSD


> > we've tried to write a guide about switching from GNU/Linux to NetBSD.
> > I would be thankful for anybody reviewing and eventually committing it:
> > (main article)
> Reviewers can find the html page at:
thank you! I can't build the html site myself as I don't have the tools
installed (and not enough disk space and performance to do so in time).

> It's a  good start but needs more focussed content, more links and some 
> xml fixing.
> It does not yet describe how to *switch* from Linux to NetBSD.
> It contains duplicate content which is already available elsewhere: 
> "Documentation", "Commmunity/bugreports"
> And some content is missing.
I think the links, XML and content issues are all the same. Some of them are
fixed. Some manpage-links are missing because they are not in 5.1, but in
current. I will fix that when I have an overview of what is missing.

The content is meant to be redundant. Sure all the information can be found
elsewhere, most of the article is just about wrapping some text around
manpage links. But that was my intention: Provide a central point where you
can read once about differences - and not stand in front of a completely new
operating system picking up information, digging through manpages about every
little subissue yourself.

So, it does not describe any technical details about how to really switch
(installing NetBSD or migrating services), that's out of the scope of the
It is meant to provide information about the differences to consider, so the
reader of this article should be capable of switching or creating a plan
on how to switch after reading it.

> > If somebody would be willing to commit it, these two changes should be the
> > ones to put it into the website:
> >
> The diff for htdocs/layout.xml is missing.
ok, that can be found on

I have fixed some issues, you can look up the updated article at
Do you have any warning messages when converting the article? If yes, please
PM me.

Regards, Julian

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