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Re: Tasks

On Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 03:45:00PM +0000, David Lord wrote:
> My 2008q3 install of gnome was core dumping from screensaver 
> otherwise seemed a little more stable than Ubuntu-8.04. 2008q4
> fixed screensaver problem but now shutdown doesn't work. I'd 
> still rather have a lighter weight desktop but attempts to get
> all wanted applications working together on fvwm, icewm, xfce 
> etc have all hit some problem I've been unable to resolve 
> which is only reason I'm giving gnome a try.

For some strange reason if you say 'shutdown' itself, it does nothing.
But if you log out afterwards, the machine actually shuts down; maybe
we simply need to make the shutdown option call 'shutdown + logout'?

This is probably my biggest beef with 2008Q4's gnome, though I did 
have a spate of epiphany crashing at startup -- somehow that's gone
away though, but I'm mostly using FF3.

Speaking of FF3, it would be wonderful if we could ship an 'official'
FF3 build, so that it doesn't call itself minefield, show the 'help us
debug trunk builds' start page, etc.  (If we're planning on shipping 
FF3 as part of the package... I think it's probably worth doing so for
the familiar feeling).


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